SA33-E Zkteco Single Door RFID Based Proximity RFID Card Access Control Keypad



  • Support one-door
  • Can be used as a standalone keypad
  • 1000 users, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
  • Doesn’t need to connect on the computer, can works alone
  • Application: Car parking, security access control, person / item tracking



SA33-E is an Access Control Standalone Device with contact-less smart card and password verifications, which enables 3 verification modes (Card only, PIN only, and Card & PIN), and Tamper Alarm and Safety Mode to ensure maximum safety and flexibility. With Touch keypad with UV polished shell, 1 Relay output and 1 PUSH (low) output, 1 door button Port and 1 doorbell Port, SA33 is simple but effective to use, its convenience and adaptability allows it to be well deployed in residential housing, offices and any other public facilities.


This device is a One-door Access Controller using RFID for access control. It is simple and reliable with the following main functions:

  • Touch keypad with UV polished shell
  • Access by Card, PIN, or Card & PIN
  • Support external WG26 interface; Controller Mode or Reader Mode could be switched
  • Has 1 Relay output and 1 PUSH (low) output
  • Has 1 door button Port and 1 doorbell Port
  • Backlight modes: ON; OFF; Automatically
  • Tamper Alarm and Safety Mode


Operating Voltage DC 12V±10%
Operating Current < 100mA
Dimensions 120mm×78mm×22mm
Weight 110g
Ambient Temperature 0°C – 60°C
Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Storage 1000 users
Card Type (alternative) EM(ID) card (IC card for options)
Card Reading Distance EM: 1-15CM, MF1: 1-7CM