UR10RW-F Zkteco Card Issuer Card Read Write USB Interface Central Control Room



  • UHF Card Issuer
  • 865MHz-868MHZ

UR10RW-E and UR10RW-F are ultra high frequency , readable and writable card issuer which can read and write data for User Area and EPC Area of UHF tags.

Combined with UHF non-contact radio frequency circuits and various coding and decoding algorithms,this card issuer can read and write the labels and cards which support EPC global UHF Class1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C standard. Its USB interface adopts the advanced plug and play interface without driver core technology to connect computer and other equipment.

The card issuer control chip is provided with a watchdog and a voltage detection circuit,and has the advantage of stable reading performance.


• Wiegand 26 output(Default);Wiegand 34 (Optional) • USB power supply,no drive
• With antenna,active card search mode • Data Reception Time:less than 90ms
• USB data format output • Multi-system :Windows,Linux,Android,IOS


Model UR10RW-E   UR10RW-F
Card Supporting UHF Tags ,UHF Cards    
Working Frequency 865MHz-868MHZ   902MHz-928Mhz
Reading Distance 20~40CM valid distance (Determined by the environment and tags)
Protocol EPC global UHF Class1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6C
Communication Interface USB analog keyboard output    
Support Working Supporting Europe standard UHF   Supporting American standard UHF
reader   reader
Working Voltage DC 5V(±4%)    
Working Current 50~300mA    
Working Temperature -10°C ~ +50°C    
Storage Temperature -20°C ~ +80°C    
Dimension 107*107*23mm(±1mm)  (wire length: 1500mm)

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Black, Red, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Pink