L7000U Zkteco Biometric Fingerprint Smart Lock Door Lock Fingerprint Password Key Door Lock



  • Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation
  • Upload/Download data via USB Port
  • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery
  • New generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
  • Access Timetable Management (optional)


SKU: L7000U


L7000U is a smart lock with embedded fingerprint recognition technology. It is DIY design, which can be installed on the door quickly. You even can do it by yourself.

The fingerprint lock offers state-of-the-art single door management solution that provides you with unmatched options that comes with OLED. You can verify a person and open the door with fingerprint and password. The All-in-one fingerprint lock is very convenient to operate.

Enrollment and management of users are done on the OLED display. There are three user levels available to manage the system effectively- administrator, supervisor and user. An administrator can do add, delete or change users very easily at the lock.

With the U.S. standard single latch and reversible handle design, this lock can replace cylindrical knob lock and can be installed easily.


• New generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
• American standard single latch for fast installation and easy replacement
• Handle, latch and strike is reversible design for all door open direction
• Idle handle design to prevent from forcible entry
• OLED display screen with visual menu
• Three independent unlocking methods – fingerprint, password, mechanical Key
• Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation
• Upload/Download data via USB Port
• Normal open mode
• Support query door open logs
• External terminals to draw back – up power from a 9V battery
• Backset is adjustable (60 mm or 70 mm)
• Access Timetable Management (optional)

Package List

1 × Outdoor Unit
1 × Indoor Unit
1 × Gasket
1 × Mounting Plate
1 × Single Latch
1 × Strike Plate
1 × Strike Box
1 × a pack of Spindle & Screws
2 × Mechanical Key
1 × a page of Installation Guide


Material Zinc Alloy
Fingerprint Capacity 500
Password Capacity 100
Log Capacity 30,000
Operating Temperature 0 °C – 45 °C
Communication USB flash disk
Power Supply 4 × AA Alkaline Battery
Backup Unlock Mechanical Key & 9V Battery
Door Thickness 35-55 mm (standard), 55-75 mm (optional)